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Original Hot Sauce

A blend of the freshest all natural ingredients for a delightful combo of sweet, smokey, limey, and all around unique with a zing that immediately goes away.

Ghost Pepper

Lola’s signature ghost is a blend with the freshest mixed jolokia “ghost peppers” for a delightful smokey flavor with a medium burn.

Trinidad Scorpion

Lola’s signature trinidad features the trinidad scorpion pepper that provides a full warm bodied heat that starts and ends in full health with delightful blasts of all natural lime and fresh garlic.

Carolina Reaper

Lola’s signature Carolina Reaper uses just the right amount of the world’s hottest pepper for a delicious up front, all natural, sweet taste and yet delicious flavor.

Family Reserve

Small craft limited batch barrel aged carolina reaper and habanero peppers come together for a sweet, smoky, and lime flavor with tons of heat. 1.8 million + Scoville rating.


Say hello to the newest midwest butter, and just the right amount of Lola’s original come together for a delicious creamy buffalo sauce guaranteed to rock your world.


A delicious blend of fresh farm picked green Jalapeño and serrano peppers come alive in this signature recipe for a smooth, rich and earthy flavor with a lime zing.

Smoked Bacon & Sweet Corn Salsa

A delicious fusion of premium Iowa bacon from Berkwood Farms & midwest sweet corn blended in Lola's original home made salsa for a phenomenal flavor perfect for any occasion.

Sweet Roasted Reaper Salsa

A delicious flavor explosion with just the right amount of sweet n' savory with a back end slow burn.

Sweet & Spicy Mango Salsa

A delicious fusion of the freshest ripe mangos, Lola's original, and other fresh ingredients for a phenomenal tropical flavor sweet heat that's perfect for any occasion! Summer in a bottle!

Mild Salsa

Lola's original salsa is a sweet yet savory and mild salsa for everyone!

Hatch Chile & Sweet Corn Salsa

A fusion of Iowa sweet corn and her signature salsa infused with hatch chilies for a delicious flavor that is incredibly delicious!

Southern Jalapeno Bloody Mary Mix

An incredible flavor explosion that elevates your bloody mary to the next level with a unique recipe created from the finest ingredients.

Original Seasoning

What happens when you take Lola’s original signature hot sauce and turn it into a seasoning? You get a delicious blend of smoky, sweet and spicy with an unforgettable lime zing. Perfect for steaks, chicken, fish or even popcorn!

About Our Fine Hot Sauce

Lola’s is a family generational recipe from our mom using the freshest all natural ingredients. All of our flavors use the world’s hottest peppers for delicious flavor and not intense burning heat. Our products are vegan, all natural, non-gmo project verified, & gluten free.




To provide a truly unique, fine hot sauce to everyone

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