From an Iowa Kitchen to Walgreens Nationwide

October 05 2023

a building with a car parked on the side and a bottle of Lola's fine hot sauce
a building with a car parked on the side and a bottle of Lola's fine hot sauce

West Des Moines, IA – Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce, a cherished generational family recipe passed down from founder Taufeek Shah’s Filipino immigrant mother, Carmelita “Lola” Shah, has landed on the shelves of over 3,600 Walgreens stores nationwide. This remarkable achievement marks the company’s third national account and introduces Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce as the first-ever national Asian-Filipino-owned hot sauce brand in the United States.


Steeped in tradition and founded in the heart of West Des Moines, Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce is more than just a condiment; it symbolizes family, culture, and culinary delight. The journey began in the warm kitchen of Carmelita “Lola” Shah, an immigrant doctor from the Philippines who ventured to Iowa to care for the hardworking farmers who feed the nation. 


Lola’s Original Hot Sauce has delighted family and friends for generations, striking the perfect balance of heat and flavor without overpowering the palate. Food enthusiasts and hot sauce aficionados can now experience the taste of tradition and heritage with every meal! 


Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce is not just a condiment—it’s a family’s legacy and a testament to the richness of cross-cultural fusion. “We’re beyond thrilled to bring Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce to the national stage,” shared Taufeek Shah, the visionary behind this West Des Moines-based company. “This is a tribute to my mother, Lola, whose dedication to caring for Iowa farmers and our family has led us here. Being the first national Iowa-Asian-Filipino-owned hot sauce brand makes this moment even more special.”


Lola’s flagship Original 5 oz. Hot Sauce is now available nationwide at over 3,600 Walgreens stores. For Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce, the journey from Lola’s kitchen in Iowa to households across America has just begun.


About Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce:

In 2016, Founder & CEO, Taufeek Shah, brought his family’s generational hot sauce recipe to the grocery aisle. Today, Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce’s is available in over 14,000 retailers and restaurants across North America, the Philippines, and the Virgin Islands. The all-natural product line has expanded to hot sauces, gourmet salsas, drink mixers, and more. Shah has been named one of the Des Moines Register’s 2023 Top People to Watch and recipient of the 2023 Iowa Small Business Minority Champion of the Year.