The story of how Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce became a reality is one that comes straight from the heart of my family. A story born in West Des Moines, IA; my inspiration on how to bring Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce to life started back in August 2015.

My mother entrusted me with her secret hot sauce recipe that she had been making for her close friends and family. It just so happened she had a few of these jars already made.

I cracked opened my first jar of her sauce and it was amazing! Something so simple, delicious and truly unique. I started sharing it with friends and then one day I brought it in for a food day during my full time job.

Right then and there was that moment, everybody who tried it said it was amazing and wanted to buy it. After that day the rest was history.

I decided to start Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce to deliver a quality hot sauce that’s truly unique and inspiring; essentially a hot sauce for everyone. I went to what was left of every Farmer’s Markets in the Des Moines area. Every market we would sell out and people began to ask where we’re going to be next!



My mom, Lola, is passionate about cooking delicious food. Growing up in the Philippines, she used local produce to make fresh sauces and salsas. When mom and dad immigrated to smalltown Iowa, she continued make the same homemade sauces with local peppers from Iowa farmers. Today, Lola is still in charge of recipes and continues to experiment with exotic peppers and flavors to create a truly fine hot sauce for everyone.

The hot sauce that started it all, passed down from mother to son. Lola’s Original Hot Sauce – a blend of red jalapenos, habanero peppers, garlic, and a kiss of lime to deliver a delightfully sweet, smokey, not-too-hot hot sauce. Try this on anything!

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